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Jupyter Notebooks in production

Tuesday 9 May 2023 18:00

Jupyter Notebooks are a valuable tool for exploring data, but deploying them to production can be difficult. While there are products like Databricks that offer Jupyter-like interfaces and workflows, they can be expensive for small teams or specific use cases. In this meetup, we will explore two DIY solutions for managing Jupyter Notebooks that are affordable and suitable for small teams.

About Techmongers

The #1 code school in The Netherlands. Now they teach all skills for a sustainable workforce. Is very kind to have us here at Techmongers [1]


18:00 Welcome
18:30 First talk: Jupyter notebooks in production
19:00 Second talk: Building a minimal data science platform
19:30 Small break
19:40 Lightning talks?
20:10 Networking
21:00 Closing time

Bookrunner - Jupyter notebooks in production

About Jan Gazda [2]: Is a founding member of PyAmsterdam team, open source contributor, serverless technology experimentator, public cloud enthusiast. Currently working as a freelance cloud consultant.


Bookrunner is a small application to configure and execute Jupyter Notebooks. We'll go through the components used to build the application and in the end show a live demo. Talk also mentions a few common pitfalls between different disciplines, software engineering / data engineering.

Building a minimal data science platform

About Benjamin Cerigo [3]: Founding Technical Architect & Engineer of datavaluepoeple: a group of data professionals that build bespoke data-driven systems. He is the past head of tech at a fin-tech startup. Delivered full-stack projects end-to-end solo. Led teams of developers. Music composition at Falmouth, with awards. Created experimental music installations incorporating robotics. Believes inclusions can make a positive difference to the world.


Data science teams often have to support numerous diverse projects and requests from the rest of their organisation. Establishing a general platform to power these many projects is vital to team effectiveness. This talk will look at the motivations and possible solutions for building a minimal data science platform and give tips and ideas for how you might increase the effectiveness of your next data science project.

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