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About us

Who Are We?

We are an inclusive group of Pythonistas with focus on community events. Most of our events are hosted by the community members (you) free of charge with a support of companies who provide us with basic facilities (spaces, drinks & food).

Meetups & Workshops

Jupyter Notebooks in production

Tuesday 9 May 2023 18:00

Jupyter Notebooks are a valuable tool for exploring data, but deploying them to production can be difficult. While there are products like Databricks that offer Jupyter-like interfaces and workflows, they can be expensive for small teams or specific use cases. In this meetup, we will explore two DIY solutions for managing Jupyter Notebooks that are affordable and suitable for small teams.


What We Do

The best way to learn is to teach others. Do you have anything interesting to share? Let us know!

Our meetups are a safe space to practice your rhetorical or teaching skills in exchange for your knowledge. We are always on a lookout for talks and workshops. Please contact us to submit a talk or host the event.


Is an ~3 hour event usually hold during the working week where we gather, listen to interesting talks, have some drinks and meet others.


Is focused on hands-on experience and practice. Can take 3 and more hours, dependent on the content. Attendees should bring their own laptop/device unless otherwise specified.


Would you like to organise an event but not sure how? We are here to help you out. Our team is looking for you, volunteers, to make this community better.



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Community Contributors

Would you like to see your name or name of your company? Contact us!

  • Gandi - Our beautiful domain registrar!
  • Crunchr - provided a meeting space
  • Picnic - provided a meeting space
  • Brookz - provided a meeting space
  • Dinis Louseiro - Data Warehouse Automation in Python
  • Aybars Badour - Practical patterns in distributed systems for mere mortals (aka. patterns for microservices)
  • Jan van der Vegt - Industrialization of Machine Learning models is a complex task.
  • Santiago Fraire Willemoes - Exploring pytest capabilties
  • Eric Holscher - About Read The docs and The Python Software Foundation
  • Mikaeil Orfanian - Architecture for Everyday Programming
  • Optiver - provided a meeting space
  • Hubs - provided a meeting space
  • KPN - provided a meeting space
  • Sander van de Graaf - Talk: Detecting Outages at Scale
  • Daniel Bradburn - Battle testing your web API using OpenAPI and hypothesis
  • Marc Wagner - Using micropython in IOT devices
  • Cornelis van Lit - Python in digital humanities research
  • Łukasz Langa - AsyncIO + Music
  • Olga Sentemova - Getting started with FPGA with Python
  • Joost Lek - Python 2 vs. Python 3: How to Navigate the Change