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[ONLINE] PEPs 634-636 Let's talk about python PEPs!

Wednesday 10 March 2021 19:00

Exciting times for Python 3.10, join us and learn how pattern matching will help Python.

Important!!! How to join: On the morning of the event, you will get a link via Meetup. Make sure that you have opted for emails from Meetup.


19:00 Intro
19:10 Structural Pattern Matching in Python: PEPs 634-636
19:55 Contemporary Documentation
20:40 Lightning talks
21:00 Free chat

Structural Pattern Matching in Python: PEPs 634-636

About Daniel Moisset [2]:

Daniel Moisset is a software entrepreneur, engineer and instructor. He's been using Python since 2000, and is one of the authors of the Pattern Matching PEPs.


The Steering Council has recently approved PEPs 634-636, which means that Python 3.10 will include a "Pattern Matching" feature similar to what's available in other languages, although with some of its own pythonic flavour. This presentation will give a quick overview of the feature and its applications, some additional insights about why it was designed the way it is, and how we can expect it to evolvein the future.

Contemporary Documentation

About: Juha-Matti Santala [1]:

Juhis is a developer community builder, web developer and programming teacher from Helsinki, Finland. When he's on a computer, he works on all parts of the stack from the backend to the frontend. When he's not on a computer, he's passionate about making tech a welcoming industry for everyone.


Teams change often. People leave and people join. In addition to those changes, we tend to forget what we were thinking. That's why it's a good practice to document those thoughts, discussions and decisions into a format that doesn't lose them. In this talk I explore ways to use tools and processes you might be familiar with - version control and project management tools - to help you document the motivation, thoughts and intents behind changes when they happen. You'll get practical tips that you can take back to your work the next day. More info about the talk at

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