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[VIRTUAL] Py.Amsterdam's flying Software Circus! #StayAtHome

Thursday 16 April 2020 19:00


ZOOM link update

Are you dealing with isolation due to COVID-19? Are you missing your friends from the Python community? PyAmsterdam is also moving online to help you!

This time we have joined forces with another Amsterdam community Software Circus! Together we unleash the battle of API development 30 minutes vs 1 minute!

Join the meetup using this Zoom meeting link [2]

About Software Circus

Software Circus [1]

We are a motley crew of dreamers who are unhealthily obsessed with consuming information and changing ourselves and those around us. We love software, tech and anything (from any discipline) that is going to change the world. Apart from our wider focus, we believe that meetups should be a lot of fun where laughing out loud and meeting new people is built in, not an opt-in extra.


19:00 Intro
19:15 Introduction to FastAPI
20:00 Evegenie - how to create REST API with Python in 1 minute
21:00 Lightning talks
21:30 Closing (if no further interest)

Introduction to FastAPI

About Sebastián Ramírez [3]:

Creator of FastAPI and Typer. Developer at Explosion. I do Open Source, APIs, Deep Learning/ML, full-stack systems, SQL/NoSQL, Python, Docker, JS, TypeScript, etc.


Build a production-ready API in 30 min with FastAPI.

Evegenie - how to create REST API with Python in 1 minute

About Dawid Ziolkowski [4]:

10 years of experience in IT, mainly as System Admin/DevOps/Cloud Native Engineer. I like to code as well. I contribute to Open Source whenever I can and I like to share my knowledge. When not coding - doing photography :)


I am a maintainer of Evegenie project which allows automatic generation of Python Eve configuration based on JSON file. What it means is that you can auto generate whole API based on the data file. In this talk, I will explain how and why I reactivated Evegenie, what's Python Eve and how to use both for quick API generation.

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