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iter() - PyAmsterdam meetup at 3dHubs

Wednesday 17 July 2019 18:30

We are happy to announce the third instance [1] of the PyAmsterdam meetup. This event will be kindly hosted by 3dHubs [2]. This time we are preparing 2 talks. Next to it Jan want's to present a recap of PyconCZ 2019.


18:30 Welcome with drinks and food
19:00 First talk: by 3DHubs
19:30 Small break
19:50 Second talk: Practical patterns in distributed systems, ybrs [3]
20:30 Third talk: What can we learn from PyconCZ [4] and Czech python community?
20:50 Networking
21:30 Closing time

Python in 3d Hubs

By Andres Felipe Ruiz Cardozo [6]

Practical patterns in distributed systems

Practical patterns in distributed systems for mere mortals, aka. patterns for microservices By Aybars Badour


This is an introductory talk for some practical patterns that can be used in a distributed service architectures, such as - Queues/workflows/routing slips - Audit logs - Event driven architecture - Change-Data-Capture - Event sourcing - CQRS - Distributed locks - Sagas

I will try to explain ways to deal with eventual consistency, race conditions in distributed systems.

Patterns are basic building blocks for any system. Usually when people talk about patterns, they treat them as sacred, unalterable, invariable, permanent things. Although they definetly evolve, you can interpret them in many different ways, or you can just use some parts of a pattern, skipping all the dogma surrounding them.

PyconCZ 2019

by Jan Gazda [5]

What can we learn from PyconCZ and Czech python community?


Every year I visit my home country to attend PyconCZ [4] and meet with my PyFriends. There are always interesting topics but few stand out and I'd like to share those with you. I will also to give you a closer look at how we organize our community in Czech Republic and how this could help our Amsterdam community.

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